As you travel the “fernery” you will notice the closed blossoms of nocturnal blooming Hemerocallis citrina (1897).  Nearby you’ll witness the flower buds of H. middendorffii (1856) as it prepares to re-bloom.

In 2014 we planted H. coreana (1897) whose flowers are a wax-like greenish-yellow, H. hakuuensis, H. altissima which blooms mid to late season, and the fragrant blooming yezoensis.

Of course we cannot forget to comment on our significant display of fifty species and cultivars of heirloom iris.* The earliest, Swertii, dates back to 1612. Others include Amoena (1812), Bridesmaid, bearing pale, silvery lavender flowers, Edina (1840), Kashmiriana (1877), and Mrs. Neubronner (1898) known for its deep, golden-yellow flowers.  This season we anticipated adding rhizomes of Mexicana (pre 1859), Innocenze (1854), Khaput (1895) and Fries Morel (1840).

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