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As in the past, you’ll delight at the mouth-watering displays of vine-ripened red tomatoes, green peppers, fresh corn, new potatoes, and other colorful vegetables. You will also discover in-season fruits including fresh peaches, apples, and tasty watermelons. Available too are fresh bouquets of newly cut flowers, tasty bakery goods, and both herbs and perennial plants.

As you explore the offerings, you’ll also find meats and cheeses, hickory maple syrup, salsa, and ever-so-sweet honey. You might see a tasteful display of hand-crafted jewelry, difficult to carve gourds or hand-thrown pottery. By then you’d like a pulled barbecue pork sandwich and a cold, thirst quenching drink to eat picnic-style on a nearby table.

You’ll also want to visit the booths of local non-profits, as well as Irvington’s pre-schools, staff members of Ellenberger Park, Irvington Development Organization (IDO), our club’s booth, and other civic and professional groups. And perhaps; if there’s an election pending, you’ll want to visit a “wannabe” politician eager to tell you why he or she should be elected to office.

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