Becoming a Member

As you will see, we’ve a busy group but we have not forgotten the core reason why people join garden clubs —- to learn about plants and gardening techniques.  Thus, over the years our programs has featured speakers from the Indianapolis Zoo,  JFNew, Inc., Cool Ponds, the Indiana Wildlife Federation, and others. Jo Ellen Meyer Sharp, a garden columnist with the Indianapolis Star, has joined us on a couple of occasions.  We’ve had programs on dividing perennials, plant propagation, wildlife habitats, feeding birds, daylilies, and both butterfly and hummingbird gardens. Other topics have included container gardening, rain and water gardening, houseplants, wildflowers, heirloom flowers, compost, and herbs.

We’ve also taken several tours including visits to the Indianapolis Museum of Art, an herb farm, and a daylily hybridizer.  Then too, there are always opportunities to participate in tours sponsored by the Garden Club of Indiana. In that we’ve our own nursery, our members have had the chance to purchase pansies, geraniums, Indiana native wildflowers and grasses, daylilies, hostas and other perennials at discounted prices. Thus, after having viewing our web pages, we hope you will join our fellowship of spirited men and women garden enthusiasts.

Membership Rates:

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