The Irvington Garden Club (IGC) founded in 1999 is a group of community minded, garden-loving neighbors from Irvington (and beyond).  IGC is one of many clubs in the central district of The Garden Club of Indiana, Inc., which is a member of the central region of the National Garden Clubs, Inc.

Our Clubs Goals:
  •  Promote interest in native plants, wildflowers, grasses and wildlife habitats.
  •  Stimulate the “greening” of Irvington by example through tree plantings, beautification sites, and cooperative efforts with other community organizations.
  •  Increase the knowledge of gardening of our members and others through monthly meetings.
  •  Enhance the quality of life in our community by sponsoring farmer’s markets, an annual garden tour, and participation in Irvington events.

When Do We Meet:

Our winter meetings are held the last Monday of each month at the Irvington Presbyterian Church, 55 Johnson Avenue, located behind the Irvington Branch of the Indianapolis Marion County Library, which fronts the corner of Washington and Audubon Streets. During the summer months we assemble in the gardens of club members. All meetings begin at 6:30 p.m. We do not have a November meeting. In December we host a holiday party at Irvington’s historic Benton House, and on a frosty, early February morning we gather for breakfast and celebrate Ground Hog Day. All of our meetings except our holiday gathering are open to the public. Thus, we invite you to visit us at any time.

Where Are We:

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